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About hi sandy

“Hi Sandy” is a Dubai based real estate platform with national and international connections, belting over 20 years of experience in the industry. Our sole aim is to connect buyers, tenants and sellers of properties to their heart desired clients, bridging them to their dream homes and projects without the added stress. 

We give you complete assurance of documentation, property verification, finder’s fee agreements and guided financial support straight from experienced hands. We have 24/7 customer support, numerous connections to residential and commercial properties, and a lot of happy and satisfied customers who were able to rent all commercial properties, rent all residential properties, put up their industrial land for sale and succeed at purchasing property in Dubai Marina as well.

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We at “Hi Sandy” stand at:

  • Saving money & reducing the real estate transactions fees
  • Connecting both buyer and sell, landlord and tenant
  • Providing online and offline real estate support services
  • Verifying each and single property in our platform
  • Saving time and facilitating all real estate process

Who is Sandy?

  • A loving person who believes that everyone deserves a home.
  • She believes in making you the best deal.
  • An experience that provides you with the knowledge you need to succeed in real estate.
  • A caring person that wants the best for you
  • She reaches you out when needed and invites you for profitable opportunities, and warns you from dangerous risks
  • She is your trust-worthy advisor whom you can rely on making your deal
  • She keeps your secrets and deals confidential
We know that you hate paying commission
With Hi Sandy there is no commission
With Hi Sandy you will always be happy


Our mission is to make property acquisition a hassle-free process to anyone and everyone, ensuring complete customer satisfaction and business transparency between buyers, sellers, and tenants. 

At “Hi Sandy”, we are devoted to bringing you the most affordable and realistic property prices in real estate with your needs, expectations, and values in mind. Whether you’re looking for apartments for sale in Dubai Marina, or need a finder’s fee agreement in real estate, our mission is to provide and to meet your needs. With our unrelenting team and staff, perfection is not only expected, but is always attained.


  • Always supersede your expectations, no matter the cost: no matter the circumstances. 
  • Bring you the best deals the market can attain along with new project offers. 
  • Carry out business with 100% transparency.
  • A super easy and user-friendly property listing app.
  • Put a smile on your face when you work with us.
  • Zero property listing fee, zero property viewing fee, and zero property acquisition commission fee.
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As a brand devoted to meeting the everyday property needs of clients, we see ourselves as the foremost real estate platform in the world. Because of our clean slate records of achievements working with various companies and individuals, we know we will attain a benchmark of top recognition in the nearest future; as with every positive remark comes a higher milestone for us. 

Foremost real estate company > unique and revolutionary real estate platform

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Values Integrity

We understand how much our clients bank on us to give them unbeatable real estate services; from providing them with a finder’s fee agreement and property prices, to hunting down the best lands for sale, offices for sale and penthouses for sale even in Dubai Marina. That is why we have made it a point of our goal to always deliver. No matter how tight our schedule may be, no matter how difficult the situation might seem, we ensure our customers’ needs are always met.

Make It Work

We all know those times when a demand puts you in a box and leaves you with little to no options and limited resources to work with. Much like the ongoing hunt to find apartments for sale in Dubai Marina. So, what do we do at such challenging times? We make it work! We have an unbeatable team of personnel that work hand-in-hand to turn every sad story into a victory and every emergency to an expectancy.


This is the part where we keep our customers on their toes, waiting for what we have in store for them each and every time. We do not just source and deliver property; we deliver outstanding and unique deals that can only be attained through excellence.


We do not take the confidentiality of our clients and their documents’ security lightly. We respect our clients’ need for privacy and value our confidentiality agreements.

Need help? Call our award-winning support team 24/7 at (+971) 4 381 4570

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Dubai, UAE

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